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A banjo, a guitar, and a set of drums. Once upon a time, this was merely a solo act from Ethan Driskill. Imagine a banjo, guitar, and kick drum all attached to one man. Oh, how lonely! Fortunately, in 2015, JD Williamson came to the rescue with an acoustic and electric guitar both strapped to his back. The duo consistently played the state of North Carolina, recorded 14 songs in an attic, and released the songs in 2016 as an album called “Country Blues.” The popularity of the duo compelled the masses to their performances and nearly burned Wilmington to the ground.

In the spring of 2016, something much more dangerous brewed when Joel Wise brought his drums to accompany the folk music makers. This americana powerhouse became too dangerous for one city to strap down, so they soon spread their music throughout the east coast. Their short spurts of touring calmed in 2017 when they spent most of the year writing and recording their latest work, “Love, Dreams, & Foolish Things.” The EP sets it’s focus inward - questioning the things that drive and motivate us as people who chase love, dreams, and foolish things.

In the age of americana, former folk musicians are bartering acoustics guitars for amplifiers. In the midst of the crowd, you will find DRISKILL. With hearts on their sleeves, they’re ready to deliver something new.

Recently: DRISKILL has shared the stage with artists such as Rayland Baxter, Yarn, & Christopher Paul Stelling. They have also been featured on WECT TV6, Country Fried Rock, and Noisetrade.

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“DRISKILL’s upcoming record, Country Blues, reflects their North Carolina roots, and sounds a bit like some of their regional neighbors, such as the early Avett Brothers. DRISKILL’s songs come from similar sources and draw from common lifestyles, so the familiar sounds makes sense without imitating. The debut single, “Worn”, catches your ear and invites you to chill with the rest of the album.”

— Sloane Spencer, Country Fried Rock

“The appropriately titled Country Blues album combines tender and sweet with an underlying haunted atmosphere of aching, soulful vocals and colorful playing soaked in banjo and metallic guitar exploration. The duo extends more than arm’s reach in style and delivery.”

— Brian Tucker, Star News

“The band’s music is a mix of rolling banjo lines, big electric sounds, and other folk/blues instrumentation.”

— Ashlea Kosikowski, WECT News